mida toob aasta 2020?

“Mida toob aasta 2020”

We are living in a fast-paced world where changes are occurring at an unprecedented rate. 2020 will not be any different. As the new year approaches, people wonder what it has in store for them. In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities of the coming year using established trends and experts’ predictions.


Without a doubt, the economy remains an important factor in everyone’s life. As we enter 2020, there’s hope in the air for a stronger global economy. Multiple studies indicate that the economy is expected to grow by 2.5% in 2020, better than 2.2% in 2019. There’ll be remarkable growth in emerging economies such as India and China, which are set to move to the top 5 positions of the largest world economies. While there may still be hiccups in some countries, the overall outlook is positive.

Climate Change

Climate change continues to be a contentious issue that’ll likely take center stage in 2020 amongst other global issues. Countries will be expected to keep to the promises made in the Paris Agreement that was signed in 2015. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we’ll likely see the creation of green jobs, investment in new technologies, and commitment to achieving 100% clean energy in some countries. The design of more sustainable cities that use renewable energy will likely be at the forefront in 2020.


We’re entering an era where technology has become integral to most aspects of our lives, and 2020 will bring with it cutting-edge tech trends. Technological advancement will be seen in various fields such as gaming, health, and the automobile industry. AI and machine learning will be crucial in providing personalized experiences for users. Technological advancements will change the way we work, and telecommuting will become popular as workplaces adopt digital communication platforms.


Public health is an issue that’s always in the spotlight. With the new decade, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation in the health sector. Advancements in medical technology will likely be at the forefront of this change. We’ll witness new treatment methods, cures, and early detection of diseases. There’ll be more focus on mental health, which will likely lead to less stigma and more awareness. Remote health care will likely become popular in 2020, leading to better health outcomes for those in rural and remote areas.

Political Landscape

The political landscape will continue to be tumultuous in 2020 with Brexit and the US Presidential elections taking center stage. The UK will officially leave the EU on January 31st, 2020, after three contentious years. Observers will look at how it affects the UK as well as its global relations with other countries. The US Presidential elections will likely dominate the news headlines in 2020 with the election of the next president in November 2020. The outcome will affect the US’s domestic policies as well as its foreign relations.


The entertainment industry will likely continue to be a crucial aspect of our lives in 2020, providing an escape from everyday life. Continuation of popular shows such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, as well as new ones, will have viewers glued to their screens. The music industry will also have its fair share of new music releases and concerts that’ll provide fans with memorable experiences.


2020 is an exciting year that holds plenty of promise, advancement, and change. From economy, technology, health, politics to the entertainment industry, there is such a range of things to look forward to. While some things may not go according to plan, the new year presents us with opportunities for growth, innovation, and development. With this comprehensive overview, you are now better equipped to start 2020 in anticipation of what the future has in store.